Ganfeng Business School

Ganfeng Lithium University was founded on April 17th, 2011. The curriculum is designed to meet the corporate’s increasing demand and requirements for talents arising from rapid industry development, while combining the courses on business management principles. With the purpose of full-scale tapping the potential of Ganfeng’s talents, we organize the courses independently leveraging the Corporate’s own strength and expertise.

University Vision

To become the partner of corporate strategic development.

?become sources of corporate management reform and innovation.

develop young talents of the company, especially the inter-disciplinary talents who have a good command of both production techniques and management skills.

University Mission

To help realize the corporate strategy, we focus on leadership development, cultivating all levels of talented cadres required by the corporate development.

University Tasks

To make Ganfeng a learning organization, helping foster and carry forward the Corporate Culture.

To develop a high-quality management team for the Corporate Group.

To develop an elite team that lead the Company excel in the process of battery materials industrialization.

To build and enhance the platform and mechanism to train high-caliber talents.

College Positioning

1、Strategic Position

◆ To become the“Party School of the Central Committee” of Ganfeng’s management. To be the commanding point of Corporate culture, integrate talents into the corporate culture.

◆ To be the platform for middle and senior management to transform ideology and improve management skills.

◆ Foster leaders, management talents, and all kinds of technical talents who adapt to Ganfeng’s growth.

2、Curriculum orientation

The curriculum is based on the firm’s practice and experience. Concentrating on the development of the course system of management leadership, we pass on the essence of corporate management.

3、Faculty strength

We build our faculty mainly through tapping the corporate internal teaching resources, which is supplemented by introductions of external teaching resources.